GreeNettles™ HISTORY

If you have a sore muscle or joint, you should try treating it with stinging nettles. Hundreds have been shown how to use Nettles, and they swear by the home remedy. It works so well he started selling patches made of nettle extract.

“If you have stinging nettles growing wild around your yard or farm, give it a try. Use nettles that grow in the sun, not the kind found in the woods.”

The benefits of stinging nettles (urtica gracilis) were literally stumbled upon ten years ago. While doing tractor work in the river bottom of a farm, a tractor stalled. At the time, a former airline pilot was unable to walk due to an extremely painful knee. However, not having a way to help, he found a branch to use for a crutch and began to hobble home. Faced with going around or through a huge patch of nettles, he went through, even though he was wearing shorts.

By the time he reached home, he realized the pain in his knee was gone. After that he started using nettle compound whenever his knee flared up.

He was so excited about what the nettles could do that he developed a process to use dried nettles. The leaves are chipped for the extraction proces and the resins are poured onto 100 percent cotton cloth, packaged and sold as GreeNettles™.

The patches work like an old-time poultice; held in place against the skin for up to several days. The solution soaks into the tissues of the skin to help relieve aches and discomforts. “The first year I had two ounces of Nettles. The next I had 100 pounds of patches and ran out. The following year I had several thousand pounds. At the present time, we have 60,000 to 70,000 pounds of dried nettles on hand. We also have plenty of growers lined up in case we need more.”

Sold four to a package, the price is approximately $19.95 per pack. The GreeNettles™ Patch can also be used on heel spurs, sprained ankles, gout, arthritis as well as any kind of inflammation or soreness due to trauma and overused muscles.