THE GreeNettles™ PATCH

The GreeNettles™ Patch is made from the Stinging Nettle plant (urtica gracilis). Like its name indicates, the stinging nettle is known for being a skin irritant in its natural form, due to the microscopic needles on the leaves and stem of the plant. The inventor sought a way to take advantage of the medicinal benefits of the plant, while taking the sting out. He made the prickly plant into an easy-to-use medicinal patch.


The patches are 5.5" x 8.5", and can be easily cut to fit a variety of different body parts such as fingers and toes. They can also be held in place with a wrap, such as an Ace Bandage. A light adhesive may also be used to hold the patch in place on clothing (to make sure the dark green side of the patch is against the skin in the area of concern).